Welcome to the Paradise
Welcome to the Paradise
See you soon in Tarifa
See you soon in Tarifa

Action! in Tarifa

Wind & waves in Tarifa

Tarifa is the world class windsurfing and kiteboarding center, known as the European  Wind Capital. Conditions are truly amazing, and there are hundreds of riders coming here frequently for a good forecast. Tarifa is also a surfing spot, especially in the Winter, when Atlantic swells come from the North. We highly recommend trying surfing or SUP - surf in Tarifa for fun.

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Tarifa Balneario     Arte Vida     Valdevaqueros

Water sports

Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Surfing & SUP.  Certified monitors. Guaranteed Fun!


Testing the latest GOYA/QUATRO gear

Lessons, courses, clinics  & camps - from a  total beginner to the Competition PRO.

Equipment rentals 


Testing the latest DUOTONE gear

Lessons, courses , clinics  & camps - from a  total beginner to the Competition PRO.

Equipment rentals 

Surfing & SUP

Testing the latest KT boards

Lessons, courses, clinics  & camps.

Surfaris in Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Equipment rentals 

In cooperation with

Your windsurfing gear in Tarifa

Tarifa is not a common spot, and the WS gear you need should be adapted to conditions you meet here. 

We can: 

  • Advice you when buying new or second hand material 
  • Store your equipment all year round
  • Transport your gear anywhere.

No wind? No problem

You can still have fun in & around Tarifa. There are a lot of possibilities!

CONTACT US to get more info about activities, their availability and prices. We´ll book it for you.

And if you´d like to move around...

Rent a car from €27 p/day

Scooters 125 cc from €34,50

MTB, urban & E-bikes from €15

E-mail:   team@intarifa.info

Call:      +34/696184322 +34/696184322

Meet Adam

We support a very talented young windsurfer & surfer. By using our services, you support him too.

Thank you on behalf of Adam POL111

What´s hot in Tarifa

News & upcoming events

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We provide detailed information and assistance you may need when planning a trip, event, or business in Andalusia.

We create tailored travel itineraries and programs for Individuals, Tour Operators and Event Organisers.

We offer advice, destination & event management, translation & guide services.

Your equipment in Tarifa

We offer:

  • Assistance with buying new or second hand gear
  • Ability to store your equipment all year round
  • Possibility to transport your boards, sails and more

If you are interested, CONTACT US

E-mail: windsurfing@intarifa.info

Weather in Tarifa

Founder of in Tarifa 

Kasia Warchol - a fouder and manager of the in Tarifa project. In Tarifa from 2007. Windsurfer, journalist, traveler and mother of AdamContact: kasia@intarifa.info

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